One Of Sony's London Warehouses Was Set Alight Overnight.

The latest disaster to strike the company has left its British distribution warehouse ablaze, as rioters in London once again took to the streets overnight. According to Reuters, the three-storey centre was set-alight late on Monday night.

"There will likely be some impact on deliveries," said the company's spokeswoman Yoko Yasukochi.

"We cannot determine the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage yet because it's not possible to enter the building."

The good news is that there are currently no reports of injuries.

Sony stores and presses DVDs and compact discs at the facility. As of yet there's been no comment as to what implications the blaze will have on PlayStation 3 games and/or hardware.

Update @ 11:08AM BST: An SCEE spokesperson has told Eurogamer that it does not use the vandalised warehouse, minimising the impact on PlayStation products.

[Thanks Reuters]