Sony's Committed To Better Supporting Its New Handheld Platform.

Many feel that the PlayStation Portable didn't reach its maximum potential because Sony shifted its attention to PS3 development. But Yoshida reckons that the company has learned its lesson.

“As far as we’re concerned from a Worldwide Studios standpoint, right after the launch of PSP we had to shift lots of resources to prepare for the launch of the PS3,” he said.

“That followed closely after the launch of PSP. In retrospect we did it too extreme. We were happy with the launch of PSP. We had lots of games to launch with, but because of the demand of creating games on the new consoles, we shifted resources too much and the coverage for the PSP became weak.”

Shuhei cited that the same problem was shared by third-parties, creating “huge issues in terms of the supply of the content".

He concluded: “We learnt the lessons of that experience. We’re going to make sure we will have a good, continuous supply of software on PS Vita as we continue to support the PS3 and PS Move.”

Sony seems much better prepared to support multiple platforms at this point in time. The company's first-party portfolio has grown exponentially in recent years, with the acquisition of studios such as Media Molecule and Sucker Punch, in addition to exclusivity contracts with Vita developers such as Double Eleven and Novarama.

[Thanks Eurogamer]