Meet The New PlayStation Home.

In fact, we feel like we were one of the few publications that even noticed. PlayStation Home has transitioned. It is less about interaction — though that's still a key component — and more about gaming. And that's absolutely the right direction for the service.

But we've seen nothing yet. According to a series of reports, Home's set to get a massive overhaul this Fall, upping its potential as a gaming service. We wonder how long it will be before the online environment gets its first free-to-play FPS.

Home's central plaza is set to be removed, and replaced with something called 'The Hub'. From here players will be able to access games, community content and more. Sony's also looking to implement genre specific 'districts', such as the Sports District and Action District. Home gaffer Jack Buser reckons this is the "natural evolution" of the service.

“We are going to ‘up level’ games as the heart of PlayStation Home. This means that Home itself is going to become a game. The first things you see when you get into Home are games,” he said in an interview with VentureBeat. Exciting.

If you haven't visited Home recently, we'd love to set you some homework. Pop in and see how it's changed. Explore spaces such as Sodium 2 and Novus Prime. We think it will be a wake-up call for some people, and we imagine that's the future Home's looking to adopt.

Kotaku's got a preview of the new Home through here. They describe the new 'Hub' environment as an enormous airport or mall. Buser explains that it's designed to get visitors into the action immediately, to have "a huge game staring you in the face as soon as you come in".

"No longer will people come into Home and say 'I couldn't find anything to do,'" Buser promised, clearly reacting to the common complaints on message boards. Sony's aiming to "jam content into your face".

The new 'districts' themselves have been designed with different types of players in mind. The Action District is designed around Call Of Duty and Resistance, and provides an entrance to grittier/horror content. Meanwhile the Adventure District is designed with Uncharted and Tomb Raider fans in mind, set in a lush jungle. Finally there's the Sports Walk which aims to recreate an "out of stadium" sporting event feel, and a pier with carnival-esque attractions.

But there's more. Sony is also layering persistent quests on top of the action, giving you a sense of progression while you're in Home. For example, one quest might see aliens invade Home while you're mindlessly wandering around, and you'll need to react in order to stop the threat. The hope is that there's always something going on in the service.

Honestly, it sounds incredible. The big challenge is going to be pulling people back in for a second time. Home already has negative connotations. Sony needs to get this relaunch spot-on. A fresh set of digital marketing should encourage a number of gamers to jump back in, but those first-impressions need to be good. It definitely sounds like the service is heading in the right direction though.