European PlayStation Fans Rejoice.

Often these complaints stem from the lack of quality PSone re-releases on the PlayStation Store. SCEE's been pretty open about the challenges of bringing some of this content over in recent months, and so today its announced an initiative that will hopefully distill venom evident in some fans.

SCEE's revealed that US and Japanese PSone emulations are being prepared for the European PlayStation Store. While the initiative is without a time-frame, this is big news for fans of retro titles. It essentially means that publishers with the rights to titles previously only released in North America or Japan can now be released in their original state on the European PlayStation Store.

SCEE was keen to point out that the titles will be published "as is", with no localisation or changes to the content. The titles will also require a 60HZ monitor in order to run effectively.

There are stipulations as to what SCEE can and can't do here, but the positive news is that the initiative should result in more PSone Classics getting local European releases in the near future.

With the potential for more titles lingering on the horizon, SCEE's looking for feedback on in-demand titles. Drop a comment on the PlayStation Blog if you're after something in particular.

Parasite Eve, Spyro, Silent Hill? We could go on.