PlayStation Network's PLAY Line-Up Is Fairly Promising.

The promotion, dubbed PlayStation Network PLAY, is an annual program designed to highlight the very best PSN content. Similar to Summer Of Arcade, PLAY will feature four titles with a fifth given away free (assuming you buy all four titles).

There are additional perks though. Each game will come with an exclusive piece of DLC throughout the duration of the program (ending September 20th) as well as a unique XMB theme (if you pre-order the game prior to its release). PlayStation Plus subscribers will get a 20 percent discount on each of the titles during the initiative's running time.

PLAY begins on August 23rd (US) / August 24th (Europe) with Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition, followed by DeathSpank successor The Baconing on August 30th / August 31st. Majesco's BloodRayne: Betrayal follows on September 6th / September 7th, with the program concluding on September 13th / September 14th with Renegade Ops.

Those that purchase all four titles will get Sony Online Entertainment's promising PayDay: The Heist for free.

DLC for Street Fighter includes unlockable character Gill, an additional character for The Baconing, PlayStation Home clothing and a dynamic theme for Bloodrayne, and additional vehicles and weapons for Renegade Ops. We agree that the DLC doesn't particularly set the world alight, but the gesture is more than welcome.

What's most important is that Sony's developing a brand and a precedent for promotions like this in the future. It's important because it puts a focus on the PlayStation Network, and a thriving platform results in more content for us.

There's much more about the program on the PlayStation Blog in North America and Europe.