How Do You Drift In The Sky?

The game will launch on September 7th via the PlayStation Store. Digital Reality promises a "fast paced, arcade-heavy game that gives players the ultimate racing experience with smooth, light, and quick flight style".

“SkyDrift is more than your typical arcade style racing game,” said producer Péter Nyester. “Our team worked hard to deliver realistic, cutting edge graphics that are visually stunning, which really transform the overall feel of the gameplay. Skydrift combines all the best elements of arcade-heavy games with stimulating graphics and smooth game play - creating the ultimate racing experience.”

The game features over 33 events set across several locations, with eight unique crafts and numerous customisable liveries. The game boasts both a single-player campaign and eight-player multiplayer. There's more on the game's official website.

Right up our alley this one. It'll run you $14.99.