Don't Expect The Follow-Up To Gran Turismo 5 Anytime Soon.

The studio released the long anticipated Gran Turismo 5 late last year, and gobbled up the time of many car enthusiasts in the process. But with the project now seemingly in the past, many are starting to wonder what's next for Sony's premium racing game developer. According to Sony worldwide studios president, Shuhei Yoshida, any information is still a long way off.

"As far as the Gran Turismo team’s concerned, they are still working on updating the games, so they’re just shifting to the designing and concepting phase of the next project," Yoshida told VG247. "It’s going to take a few years."

Many expected Polyphony Digital to announce a Gran Turismo title for PlayStation Vita at Sony's GamesCom press conference last night, but no details emerged. PlayStation 4, then?

[Thanks VG247]