There's Even A Sly The Smiths Reference. Could House Of The Dead: Overkill Be Any More Amazing?

Entitled 'Creeping Flesh', the level is set inside the "cosy confines of an abattoir taken over by a meaty disease of sorts". Lovely.

'Creeping Flesh' once again sees the return of Varla and Candy, as they fight against a slew of monsters and creepy flesh that has taken hold of the abattoir itself. The stage itself culminates in a boss fight with the putrid 'Meat Katie', a mix of "mutant and cow". Katie's armed with a cleaver and has a "nasty habit of flicking meat at her intended victims". Sounds gross, and a bit brilliant.

'Creeping Flesh' joins the previously announced 'Naked Terror' as new, exclusive levels in Extended Cut. They'll join HD remakes of all the existing levels from the Nintendo Wii version of Overkill, in addition to full PlayStation Move support and much more.

We cannot wait.