Details Include Map Names, Playlist Names, and Play Count Changes.

As an anonymous break-in at the Call of Duty XP event depicts in a YouTube video, MW3 will contain 13 maps, down from numbers previously seen in Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2. Carbon, Coast, Dome, Exchange, Hardhat, Interchange, Lambeth, Meteora, Mogadishu, Paris, Plaza, Radar and Seatown are the reported names of the maps, playing into some of the reported in-game regions such as France and Somalia. Varying speculation on the size of the maps increasing has been put forward, as the player cap has reportedly been raised to 32 players, 14 over the previous maximum of 18.

Two game variants spotted in the video include first-person shooter stapleĀ  Team Deathmatch and a mode called simply "Bomb", which may be a variant or remake of game modes Sabotage or Demolition, or a new game variant entirely.

The video itself has been taken down by Activision, but there's a possibility the footage could be fake. Guess we'll find out for sure when Call Of Duty XP opens up to the public this Friday.