Resistance 3's Interpretation Of Alice Springs Is A Run-Down, Derelict High-Street.

While the campaign is set in North America, the multiplayer is set in other areas of the world — giving a glimpse of human's struggle against the Chimeran forces across the globe.

Insomniac's already revealed maps set in Wales, Africa and Colombia, and has today confirmed an arena set within Alice Springs in Australia. Like so much of Resistance 3's content thus far, the map looks brown, set in a "sun-baked, dusty, desert town".

"The land down under has always had an interesting place in the lore of Resistance, being the site of a gigantic refugee camp called Avalon One, and for years remaining a safe Haven even as Europe fell," explained community manager James Stevenson on the PlayStation Blog. "Unfortunately, the enormous amount of refugees strained food supplies, and Civil War erupted in 1952. Eventually, as with everywhere else on the planet, the Chimera arrived. Now the remnants of civilization on the continent fight back in one of the most inhospitable climates to the Chimeran menace."

There's some footage of the Alice Springs map after the jump.