PlayStation At GamesCom 2011: The PushSquare Round-Up.

Thus concludes another bonkers day in PlayStation land, and we're sure the announcements won't stop coming as GamesCom fever takes hold over the course of the week.

Sony's GamesCom press conference was, all told, a fairly muted affair with not an enormous number of huge announcements to shout about. But despite the lack of mind-shattering megatons, the platform holder did drop a number of worthy talking points.

The PlayStation 3's price-drop was perhaps the highlight, plunging the system's recommended retail price to $249.99 in North America and £199.99 in the UK ahead of the holidays. The introduction of a new budget-priced PSP model in Europe was also a surprise. We're amazed at how tempted we are by the system's charcoal chassis, though the lack of Wi-Fi is a concern.

For PlayStation Vita, Sony was keen to trumpet a range of different gameplay experiences. Resistance: Burning Skies showcased the ease with which traditional, console experiences can be converted to the new handheld, while both Reality Fighters and LittleBigPlanet Vita targeted new ways to play. It was Escape Plan that stole the show for first-party Vita software announcements however, showcasing a unique puzzle-platformer with a fresh and whimsical art direction.

On PlayStation 3, new PlayStation Move software once again took centre stage, with announcements of Move Fitness and DanceStar Party promising fresh family experiences on PS3. The announcement of a downloadable spin-off in the inFamous series — inFamous 2: Festival Of Blood — was a genuine surprise, but the lengthy gameplay demonstration of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception easily topped any other PS3 software reveals.

SCEE's presentation was a bit theatrical in places, but the content was solid and the presentation was pacey.

Just in case you missed anything, here's all our GamesCom coverage presented in one easily digestible bullet-point list: