If You Squint, Resistance: Burning Skies Looks Like A PlayStation 3 Game.

Making the jump between home console and handheld hasn't been too difficult for the studio however, as it told the PlayStation Blog that it "really hasn't been that big of a change" switching to PlayStation Vita development.

“We’re a PlayStation 3 company. That’s our engine, that’s our technology,” Nihilistic's Rob Heubner told the PlayStation Blog.

“[Sony] were looking for PS3 developers to milk the power out of the Vita, and I think that’s definitely the right way to go because it’s got a lot of power. It’s got all the shaders, it’s got a lot of CPU.

“We don’t have to compromise on the visual side just because it’s a mobile platform. It’s got all the special effects you’d expect on a PS3 game. And the game demo was presented seamlessly from beginning to end – not a loading screen to be found."

[Thanks PlayStation Blog]