New SCEE Boss Jim Ryan Wants To Put PS3 Back On Top In The UK.

While the PlayStation 3 tends to fare strongly around Europe, the UK remains something of a poisoned chalice for the PS3. While successful, the XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii tend to perform better in the region. This is something new SCEE boss Jim Ryan wants to address.

“Getting to £199 is fantastic in the UK. It’s a real milestone. UK is one of the territories where we have to do better,” Jim Ryan told MCV.

“Whether you approach the UK from the perspective of our momentum, or the perspective of the competitive landscape, for us the UK is more like US than continental Europe. If you look across the PAL territory, where typically we outsell our competitors by around 50 per cent on a weekly basis, it’s inverted in the UK. That is something we want to address.”

Ryan thinks that the PS3's new £199 price-point will help the system to reach mass-market.

“History has shown us that once you get to £199 you hit lift off. We can do some serious business and this kick-starts that. Getting to £199 was a defining moment for the PSone and PS2 – this will be no different.“

British retailers stated earlier in the week that they'd already seen an impact from the PS3's recent price-cut. Looks like we really do have lift-off, eh Jim?