In news that has sent at least one more PlayStation Vita sale heading Sony's way, it's been revealed that a follow-up to Wii classic Little King's Story is on the way to PlayStation Vita, and will be playable at Tokyo Games Show in September.

Currently titled New Little King's Story, the game features the original hero King Corobo and his Princess Apricot, but is said to include a brand new story, touch screen controls, and 'seamless' time and weather changes. There are no screenshots yet but we're hearing the game will ditch the original's super cute look and feature characters with more realistic proportions.

The original Wii game was developed by Town Factory and Cing, now regrettably closed down. Developers Yoshiro Kimura and Yasuhiro Wada are now both at Grasshopper Interactive with Suda51, but so far we haven't heard whether they'll be involved with the sequel.

We'll keep you posted on news as it arrives.