Monochrome Racing Sees Players Compete For Colour In A Chaotic Top-Down Racer.

Unfortunately, there's a real lack of these types of games on PSP. Yes, there's SEGA Rally and Split/Second, but they don't really work as well as on their PlayStation 3 counterparts. Perhaps then, top-down racing is the best way to ensure an accessible arcade driving experience on PSP.

That's what Nordcurrent's Monochrome Racing hopes, at least. The PlayStation Minis title is due for release on August 3rd, and it has a surprisingly clever mechanic.

As the title suggests, Monocrhome Racing is all about colour. You'll start each race as a brightly coloured vehicle in a black-and-white world, but as you race your car will be sapped of its colour. Nordcurrent explains that "colour becomes the scarce resource that players compete for". In order to succeed then, you'll not only need to best your rivals but also absorb as much colour as possible via touch-pads placed around the track. Winning races will earn you money, which can then be spent on lavish upgrades for your vehicle.

Nordcurrent's promising over 80-levels and ten cars will keep you occupied. The game looks simplistic enough, but we really like the underlying colour mechanic. That's a cool premise.

There's a trailer after the jump. The game's due out on the European PlayStation Store tomorrow.