PSP Mini version of the game

Mad Blocker Alpha, a PSP Mini puzzle game where you have to arrange a series of falling blocks to match four or more colors to eliminate blocks, is getting an HD update in the form of Mad Blocker HD.

The game, releasing on PS Vita and PlayStation Move, is an HD port of the Mini original. But fresh new graphics aren't the only thing this updated puzzler is boasting. The game also features new motion controls, a story mode with 60 levels, an Endless Mode, a tower defense mode, and a even multiplayer.

The Move version of the game still uses face buttons to manipulate blocks, but implements motion controls for use of the game's various power-ups. These include "Concrete Blocks" which eliminate vertical rows of blocks wherever they're placed, and "Bomb Blocks," which explode surrounding blocks in four directions. To issue them, players draw different symbols using the Move controller. Move-less gamers still get to enjoy the game however, as it can also be played with a normal PS3 controller.

Catch up on Mad Block HD with the debut trailer below: