Slap On Your Headset For Some AI Gossip In Binary Domain.

Speaking with GameSpot, studio gaffer Toshihiro Nagoshi told the publication that at points in the game you'll need to converse with the AI via a headset. Like actually talk to the computer characters. For real.

“There are interactive elements utilising the headset where you essentially more or less engage in conversation,” Nagoshi said.

“Like maybe there might be some back story that you can explore with the NPCs, that can essentially be done using the headset."

Nagoshi's ultimate aim is for the player to make a bond with the characters in the game, helping to develop the story more naturally.

“All the players will have a base level of behaviour, patterns of how they act, but depending on how you interact with them – say, you might betray them or they might betray you – they’ll have actual cause and effects in the game’s progression. So based on that based on that you can have some interesting immersion experiences in the game.”

It's an exciting pitch, but time will tell as to whether any of these lofty aims work well in game. We're not sure we're too keen on the idea of chatting to the PS3.