Target multiple enemies via touch screen

The PlayStation Blog has posted a brand new video hands-on for Resistance: Burning Skies, along with an interview with Rob Heubner from developer Nihilistic.

The video showcases some of the new touch screen features of the title, like locking onto multiple enemy targets with the swipe of a finger or issuing a melee attack by touching an on-screen icon.

Aside from gameplay details, Heubner also spilled the beans on the game's new title and protagonist. Apparently "Burning Skies" is closely linked to the story of the game, which revolves around an all-new character: New York City firefighter Tom Riley. Somehow Riley ends up fighting back against the Chimera, and in the video you even see him wielding one of those big fireman axes.

Heubner says making Riley a firefighter felt right because it is "a really heroic archetype," describing Riley as "just an everyday guy" that "circumstances have made into a hero."

Check out the ax-wielding hands-on below: