This Is History?

Fans seemed a little concerned by the changes that were to take place to the previously lauded series.

Deciding to depart from the series' previous habit of depicting accurately-portrayed battle tactics, such as those seen in the most recent release, Hell's Highway, the series would take on a more light-hearted shoot 'em up nature, more Inglourious Basterds than Saving Private Ryan.

Gearbox exec Randy Pitchford has commented on the sharp contrast in theme and gameplay as seen in Brothers in Arms: Furious 4, announced this past E3, and how the series will return to the fan favorite simulation setting.

"We're going to do more of that," Pitchford says at PAX, in reference to the more historically accurate setting of the series. Thanks for explaining, Randy. One can assume this will probably take place after Furious 4's release in February of next year.

Hell's Highway was the last entry in the series, released in 2008.