Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Looks Fine, But It's An Uncomfortable Departure For The Series.

Designed specifically for PlayStation Vita, the WayForward developed co-operative title adopts an isometric viewpoint and has players working together in order to solve puzzles and fend off enemies.

While the game is a massive departure from the traditional staples of the Silent Hill franchise, the premise does at least sound interesting: having received an unusual book containing all of your life's memories, you realise that you can change reality by altering what's written on the pages. It's a cool concept, but it's a shame that the game doesn't adopt a more traditional Silent Hill gameplay style.

Associate producer Tomm Hulett insists that the game will be packed with familiar Silent Hill staples — limited resources, scare rooms and terrifying foes — but in a package "designed specifically for the PlayStation Vita".

There's some footage and artwork after the jump. Tell us what you think.