Resistance: Burning Skies Will Be Without Loading Screens.

Partly the fault of Sony's conspicuous portable UMD format, loading completely broke the pace of a number of PSP titles. But if Nihilistic Software's upcoming PlayStation Vita FPS, Resistance: Burning Skies, is indicative of future releases on Sony's new handheld platform, loading won't be an issue going forward.

See, Resistance: Burning Skies has no loading times. The game takes advantage of Sony's proprietary cartridge format which is similar in functionality to an SD card, meaning data can be streamed seamlessly into the PlayStation Vita's memory. Huzzah.

Nihilistic's keeping tight-lipped about whether Burning Skies will include a multiplayer mode, but the developer is saying that the game will take advantage of as "much of the Vita's capability as makes sense".

[Thanks Pixels Or Death]