Gravity Rush May Be A Rubbish Name, But The Game Still Looks Gorgeous.

The aerobic-based PlayStation Vita exclusive is irritatingly book-ended by the name Gravity Rush in its official GamesCom trailer. Perhaps we're being petty, but we can't stand it when games have different names across multiple regions. Given that this website gets an equal share of traffic from Europe and North America, we never know which name to use. Everybody's Golf is the worst. Or Hot Shots Golf. See what we mean?

Anyway, another interesting tid-bit from the new Gravity Daze Rush trailer is the appearance of the PlayStation Store logo at the end, suggesting the game might not get a retail release after all. While it's true that all Vita games are scheduled to get a simultaneous digital release, Sony's only been including the PlayStation Store logo on titles that can be best described as "PSN titles"; i.e. those without retail releases.

Check the trailer after the jump.