Frobisher Says Is Two Parts Bizarre, One Part Awesome.

.. What the heck? Kahoots developer Honeyslug has announced a brand new title for the PlayStation Vita over night entitled Frobisher Says!. The game appears to be a nuts blend of WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven, taking advantage of each of the PlayStation Vita's unique input properties. For example, Frobisher might ask you to scratch his back using the Vita's rear-touch panel, or maybe smile for him.

The game's powered by the art of Richard Hogg and looks appropriately bizarre as a result. The games' promising 12-player pass-the-parcel multiplayer in the final version. There's no date on Frobisher Says yet, but expect it around the time of the PlayStation Vita's launch.

Check out the trailer after the jump. You won't regret it.