Adrift's Certainly Got Some High Concept Art Powering It.

But while we were expecting the developer to take the stage at Sony's GamesCom press conference, events didn't exactly occur as we'd predicted.

See, while Sony was rumoured to be the game's publisher — fuelled by icons on the developer's website and trademarks filed by SCEE — that's not actually the case. At least not anymore, anyway. It strikes us that Sony probably pulled out of the project at the last minute, leaving DONTNOD free to go it alone. That would probably explain the game's current publisher-less status.

But before we talk anymore about DONTNOD's development status, let's touch upon what Adrift actually is. Well, we're still not entirely sure. Despite the developer booking appointments at GamesCom — and half of the game supposedly being finished — DONTNOD's not showing anything more than a short concept art video for Adrift.

The game certainly looks striking, with futuristic neon environments representing plenty of aesthetic potential. The developer describes Adrift as "combat heavy", set in a futuristic universe where memories can be sold.

And that's really all DONTNOD's saying at this stage, with the game due to get its full unveiling at E3 2012. The wait goes on.