Q-Games' Future Releases Will Have Easier To Achieve Trophies.

com</a>, Q-Games' gaffer Dylan Cuthbert explained the studio's trophy design process.

“We start designing the trophies at around the 70% or 80% point, when we know what features the game is going to have," Cuthbert explained. "We do go out of our way to design the trophies so good players can collect almost all of them naturally."

But not all Q-Games titles have allowed trophies to be achieved quite so "naturally". PixelJunk Eden, for example, required massive amounts of patience and skill in order to collect the full set of digital trinkets. That's a mentality Q-Games has moved away from after seeing feedback.

“For Eden (which was the first ever game with trophies I think?) we considered trophies to be 'achievements' i.e. things you need to go out of your way and challenge yourself to obtain. However, after we released Eden we realized people were much happier collecting them through the natural course of the game so we changed the design criteria for them."

When asked about the impact of trophies themselves, Cuthbert had a few additional thoughts to share.

“I think they’re fine—they shouldn’t take over from the game itself of course, but if designed well they don’t interfere and can encourage the player to explore areas of the game they wouldn’t have before, enjoying it more.”

[Thanks PSU]