Konami Intends To Release Two Demos Of This Year's Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

The first will launch on Wednesday, and is based on a preview build of the game featuring six teams: Manchester United, AC Milan, FC Porto, Napoli, Santos and Peñarol. The demo will include ten minute matches and a challenge training mode.

But because the first demo will not be representative of the final product, Konami is also planning a second demo closer to the game's release in mid-September. That demo will sport ten minute matches too, but with a different roster of teams: Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Rangers, Club America and Sport Club Internacional.

In a day of bumper Pro Evolution Soccer news, Konami also confirmed the release dates of the game on various Sony platforms. The PS3 version will launch on October 14th, and will be closely followed by the PSP and PS2 versions on October 28th.