PlayStation Vita's Software Splash Screens Are Now Social Portals Into The Game.

With the PlayStation Vita launch still some way away, anticipation is transforming into desperation.

The crazy (and super smart) people at NeoGAF have collected together a massive library of screenshots, showcasing the PlayStation Vita's operating system and applications. The screenshots show off Vita's trophy, party and LiveArea functions, in addition to third-party apps such as Skype and Twitter.

This system is seriously packed with functionality. It's really rather impressive. At the moment, LiveArea looks like our most anticipated feature. This is essentially the landing area for a game, but unlike on PS3 where this just shows a fancy piece of artwork, LiveArea is a living, breathing portal to everything in the game. From here you can access DLC, check your in-game stats, see status updates from the developer and access various highlighted features of the game. For example, the Uncharted: Golden Abyss' LiveArea showcases some kind of Black Market feature, which will presumably allow you to sell and tade artifacts found in the game.

It's super impressive stuff. Check out the full batch of screenshots over on NeoGAF.