We're Ready To See What Quantic Dream's Up To.

At least that's the implication of a new trademark filed by SCEE and picked up by video game super-sleuth Superannuation.

The trademark was filed by SCEE in the US on May 17th and pertains to the name Infraworld, a project Quantic Dream has long been associated with. The title was believed to be cancelled in 2006, but appears to have been resurrected.

Interestingly, Infraworld appeared as an Easter Egg in Heavy Rain, showing up in the window of a video games store in the mall where Ethan Mars loses Jason.

Sony filed another trademark earlier in the year for a project called Fiv5. It is believed that Quantic Dream are working on two titles.

Will we see them at Gamescom? There's a chance, but we're not holding our breath.