Opposites attract

Sony has got an all-new game for the PS Vita straight out of Gamescom, and by the looks of it, Escape Plan is one of the more stylised and puzzling titles making its way to the system.

The game has players guiding two differently proportioned protagonists, Lil and Laarg, through a variety of dangerous rooms. Players use the rear touch panel and multi-touch display to "swipe, squeeze, poke and slap" the two main characters. These two must survive a variety of deadly rooms in an effort to avoid capture by their nemesis, who hopes to turn them into one of his mindless minions, or worse: sheep.

Escape Plan comes from the same minds that brought us Fat Princess, helping to explain the title's quirky sense of humour. The PS Blog captured the debut trailer, so we've rounded it up below:

[source blog.us.playstation.com]