Grand Slam Tennis 2 Is Coming To The PlayStation 3. We're So Excited.

We are. We're considering climbing onto our office roof and screaming words such as, "Yes! EA's making Grand Slam Tennis 2 for the PlayStation 3," but we suppose that would be a bit weird.

Here's the hot news though: EA's making Grand Slam Tennis 2 for the PlayStation 3. The sequel to the Nintendo Wii game — which played the best round of motion controlled tennis until Sony's Sports Champions made table-tennis our go-to sport — is set to get full PlayStation Move support to boot. We're praying that this is the game that finally does everything we've ever wanted with regards to motion controlled tennis.

As with the Wii version, Grand Slam Tennis 2 has the official Wimbledon license which is always nice.

The game's promising "full racquet control" on DualShock and PlayStation Move, with a brand-new "innovative control system" giving you full precision over every shot. The game's set to boast a full career mode — in which you'll go in pursuit of all four grand-slam titles — in addition to licensed stars from the past and present. Names include: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Bjorn Borg, Maria Sharapova, Serena and Venus Williams, and John McEnroe. Serious?

EA's also developed a new system called organic artificial intelligence, in which computer controlled opponents will react and adapt to your playing style.

The game's first teaser trailer (which can be found through here) keeps things pretty secretive, but support for EA Sports' Game Face feature suggests that the publisher is likely to adopt a realistic visual style for the PS3 game as opposed to the Wii's cartoon style.

The game's out in 2012. We're super excited.