Awesome Cars, Crazy Mechanics: We're Stoked For Driver: San Francisco.

The game's bizarre comatose mechanic — which allows protagonist Tanner to assume the vehicle of any driver occupying San Francisco's busy highways — has had us intrigued since the game's announcement. We're curious for the gameplay possibilities, as well as the narrative implications.

So by extension, we're very excited about trying out Driver: San Francisco's demo, which is due out on the American PlayStation Store today and the European PlayStation Store tomorrow.

“The Driver franchise has always been defined by the excitement of high speed chases and the freedom to drive anywhere in huge cities,” said Ubisoft's marketing manager Geoffroy Sardin. “Playing Driver San Francisco is the best way to reveal this unique Driver feeling and we are thrilled gamers will be able to get a taste of why we are so excited about Driver San Francisco’s release in September.”

The single-player demo will include three missions: Team Colours, Escapist and Prove It. Team Colours requires you to use Tanner's shift ability to finish first and second in the same race (awesome), while Escapist challenges you to run from the police (awesome). Finally, Prove It requires you to perform stunts while embroiled in a heated car chase (awesome).

We'll have some short impressions as soon as we're done with the demo.