Binary Domain Was Conceived When The Yakuza Team Decided They'd Taken The Franchise As Far As It Could Go For Now.

But even we'd happily admit that one game a year is too much for any non-sporting franchise. And it seems the Japanese team agrees, as director Daisuke Sato has told TheGamersHub that Binary Domain is the result of of the Yakuza team getting "fed up" with the Japanese drama series.

"Well Binary Domain was created by the same team that worked on all of the Yakuza series as well as another division who came together to become a large team. We had become fed up with the Yakuza series as we had felt that after four games, spanning both the PS2 and PS3, we had taken the series as far as it needed to go for now," he said.

"We felt that moving into some new territory would be nice and we all quite liked the idea of bringing a world of science fiction to life. We decided nearly straight away that we did not want to set the game one hundred years in the future, and so we decided that a future that was not too far from our own would be best, as we can bring in current elements and imagine how things will have developed.

"We chose the location of Tokyo over places such as London or other world cities because it was somewhere that was always around us, many of the team have never left Japan and so a game world based outside of the country would have felt less believable.

"We decided that going for a New Tokyo made sense as the team knew about the city the most and could really take the feel and bring it into the game. It also fitted very well because Japan is known for technology and innovation so by setting the game in this place it would seem sensible that androids would be living there in large numbers."

Speaking about Binary Domain's gameplay direction, Sato said that the decision to make a third-person shooter wasn't just conceived to appeal to Western audiences.

"Choosing to create a game that was a Third Person Shooter was not initially what we had in mind. We were not sure what we should do but in the end the shooter fitted," he explained.

"We felt that this game could open the window of entry to both sides of the globe as we could interest Western fans with the shooting and gameplay and interest the Eastern audiences with the involving story and character interaction too."

During GamesCom, SEGA detailed Binary Domain's voice command features a little further.

[Thanks TheGamersHub]