Holy Fashion Opportunity, Batman! Arkham City's Robin Comes Dressed To Kill.

To appease traditionalist fans as well as the numerous detractors of the Boy Wonder's clean-cut appearance, Rocksteady has confirmed the incorporation of three different depictions of Robin, for the inner sidekick inside of us all.

Included among the three are Red Robin , The hooded Robin, and a version more familiar to fans of the Batman: Animated Series as just plain old Robin. The decision seems to come on the heels of slight discomfort over the appearance of the Caped Crusader's notoriously cheesy number two in the more mature and (arguably) realistic portrayal of Batman's crime-stopping adventures as presented in Rocksteady's games.

Arkham City is still on course for an October 18th release in North America, with an October 21st release for fans in Europe.