Rocksteady Reckons Joker's Carnival Challenge Map Will Add An Additional Four Hours To The Game.

Joker's Carnival Challenges Pack includes a separate set of missions based inside the ol' trickster's hideout. Here you'll need to use detective work, combat and stealth in order to capture the clammy clown once and for all.

"Are you brave enough to step into the Joker's house of fun? Can you defeat armies of deranged killers in a fight to the finish, hosted by the clown prince of crime in a twisted game show where the only prize is survival?" queries the official blurb.

Those purchasing Arkham City via Tesco's website will be emailed a code for the DLC within two days of the game's release. Customers in-store will find a code within the boxed product.

If you're adamant not to take your business to Tesco, we're sure the content will release on the PlayStation Store at some point down the line.

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