An Announcement Of DONTNOD's Supposed PlayStation 3 Exclusive Would Make Sense At E3.

While the press release was agonisingly ambiguous about the specifics of DONTNOD's debut project, it did provide a few morsels of information.

The game's plot has been crafted by Alain Damasio, a figure recognised as the "leading light of French science-fiction". DONTNOD intends to "open up a new realm of possibilities [with the title] and become a landmark of future game creation on the latest HD platforms". Development is being lead by former Ubisoft, Criterion and EA employees.

“Staying faithful to the rules of the genre, our action adventure game will include heart-stopping, original gameplay, with powerful narrative sequences carried by innovative and compelling themes” said creative director Jean-Maxime Moris.

“The game design is the fundamental backbone of our project. The different development departments are in constant communication to make sure that the artistic vision translates into, facilitates, and fuels the immersion of the player”  added lead artist Aleksi Briclot.

Adrift will supposedly make use of the Unreal Engine in addition to DONTNOD's proprietary fluid simulator.

Sony signed up DONTNOD in June 2010 and has been keeping quiet about the partnership ever since. With the developer based in France, a GamesCom announcement would make more sense than any other. The developer has confirmed that it is attending the show in Germany — but then it went to GDC and E3 too. Surely there has to be an announcement around the corner though, right?