House Of The Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Is Due Out Later This Year On PS3.

That's exactly what SEGA's House Of The Dead: Overkill Extended Cut is,  a self-proposed "longer, harder and gorier" version of the ultra-sweary Wii light-gun shooter.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog this afternoon, SEGA's revealed the game's official boxart — which boasts the faces of Agent G, Detective Washington and Varla Guns. All three characters feature in the main game, with the latter set to receive a bigger part in Extended Cut.

As previously announced, House Of The Dead: Overkill Extended Cut will include full support for the PlayStation Move motion controller, as well as 3D televisions. The game's been remastered in high-definition, with an additional two levels added to the campaign for the PS3 version. But that's not all Extended Cut is bringing to the table. SEGA's also promised a suite of new modes, weapons, enemy types, features and more. Even the boss-fights and cut-scenes have been overhauled for this special re-release.

The original Overkill was a fantastic game on Wii — like we already said, it's one of our favourites — so to see it get such a thorough remaster on the PlayStation 3 is a dream come true for us.

The game's due out on October 28th in Europe. We'll see you on the leaderboards.