Sony's Ploughing $20 Million Into The PlayStation Network's Exclusive Portfolio Of Content.

Ranking amongst our favourites are PixelJunk Monsters, Shatter, Joe Danger, flower and Critter Crunch. Today Sony has pledged to invest a further $20 million into extending its exclusive portfolio of PlayStation Network games. The company's planning to use the money to breed content that has "innovative gameplay mechanics, vibrant visuals, interesting storylines and an artistic element to interactive entertainment that can only be found on PlayStation Network". Exciting stuff.

The investment will include support for Sony's own first-party endeavours as well as expanding the company's Pub Fund initiative β€” a program which enables the platform holder to seek out and support independent developers. Titles such as Okabu and Papo & Yo are prime examples of upcoming games realised through the program.

"It's two distinct pipelines, but one common vision of bringing really innovative, different, unique gameplay β€” either gameplay mechanics, storyline or innovative visual style, a new level of artistry β€” to gaming and exclusively on PSN. We'll do this through Pub Fund and our network of first-party developers," PlayStation Network's marketing director Brandon Stander told Joystiq.

Any investment that brings new and interesting content to the PlayStation Network should be considered a good thing, and as such we're excited to see what Sony's got lined up behind closed doors.