Sony & Future Publishing's Announced A New HD Video Initiative For The British PlayStation Network.

The show — which has been created in conjunction with Future Publishing — will replace the now defunct FirstPlay, and will be free to PSN subscribers in the UK.

Similarly to SCEA's Pulse, the show will feature up-to-the-minute HD previews, interviews and more, covering upcoming PS3 content, Blu-ray movies and overlooked downloadable gems. No word on a British replacement for the lovely Christina Lee, but we're keeping our fingers tightly crossed.

The move will be closely aligned with SCE UK's PlayStation Access strategy, which has already seen a number of top games shown off to fans around the country. The new show will feature exclusive reports from Access showcases, as well as industry events.

"We went a long way very quickly with FirstPlay and this new phase in our partnership with PlayStation will allow us to take HD video magazine content to the next level," said Future's Simon Maxwell.

"Production on the new show is well under way and editorial standards are impeccably high. We're looking forward to providing SCE UK with top-quality video content for more PlayStation gamers than ever before."

While we could be cynical and dismiss this whole initiative as an over-produced advertisement, we actually like what SCEA's done with its Pulse and Qore programming line-up. Giving consumers an early look at upcoming PlayStation content, as well as keeping fans involved in the community is a net-win for everybody involved, and we can't wait to see how this new PlayStation video show shapes up.