The redesign will supposedly declutter the store-front with what's described as "an aesthetic layout with logically marked sections and rolodex lists" according to Reg Hardware.

The revamped PlayStation Store will also include a new Live Search feature, with results appearing as users input characters. Apparently, the games and movies section will include an IMDB-esque database too.

"When you select a film, for example, key details appear on the right of the screen, such as leading actors. Clicking through will take you to the actor's page, where you can see all of their movies," the source said.

"The same exploration approach is taken with games, categorised by genre, publisher, developer and so on.

"Sony is readying a 'deals of the week' section too, making it easier to pick up bargains.

"It also appears the company is planning to throw out the blue colour of the current skin and opted for ultra bright colours on a black background."

Snazzy. Honestly we don't have a problem with the current PlayStation Network store-front. We've spent so much time with the store that we've become accustomed to its quirks. We've no doubt Sony could really speed up the shopping experience though, and we're excited to see what a new UI would look like.