Early Previews Suggest Resistance 3 Is Shaping Up Nicely.

High-profile members of the American press got access to the first seven stages of Resistance 3 this week, and have gone live with their impressions this evening.

Thankfully, it looks like Insomniac's corrected the wrongs of its predecessor, with the previews published so far all overwhelmingly positive. Joystiq described the game as being "spectacular", explaining that it "does right [what the] franchise has never seemed to nail in the past".

IGN was similarly positive, concluding "how exciting it is to play through an environment that invokes unique feelings most games aren't able to pull off". GameSpot concurred that it can't wait "to see where Capelli's journey goes after these first few hours".

Good news all around then. We're especially excited by the game's horror tone — something all three previews touch upon. Fall Of Man had a very isolated, survival-horror vibe to it that was missing in Resistance 2. It's starting to sound like Insomniac has managed to recapture that atmosphere for Resistance 3.