Retro? We think not!

It’s quite hard to fathom the thought of the PlayStation Vita as retro before it has even seen its release, especially when the upcoming handheld is unquestionably powerful and chocked full of unique features. But, the dev kit that developers have been working with looks awfully familiar to Vita's younger sibling; PSP Go.

Eurogamer writer Johnny Minkley recently posted a picture of the PS Vita dev kit on his Twitter page and had this to say about it:

Even though it's not even out yet, the original PlayStation Vita dev kit already looks retro.

The dev kit looks awfully similar to the PSP Go, only with different button layouts to adjust for the second analogue nub. Judging by the hand that's holding the system it looks to be quite the small system compared to the PS Vita we know of today too.

Does the PS Vita dev kit have a retro flair to it? Would you like to a design similar to this released in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.