A Joint Sony/Namco Bandai Studio Is Developing Ridge Racer Vita.

Namco Bandai gaffer, Hideo Teramoto, revealed that Cellius was developing the Vita-bound racer in an interview with Gamasutra, and gave a bit of background on the studio.

“Ken Kutaragi — who was running SCE at the time — was in talks with Shukuo Ishikawa, the head of development at NBGI. They got to talking about how it’d be neat to create a company, and it sort of went from there,” he said.

“Cellius got its start with the Cell processor architecture; the concept was to be an outfit that researched ways to use this technology to create neat things. So it’s not exactly pure research; it’s more about finding ways to expand the things that can be done with the PlayStation family.”

Cellius is unlikely to become a full-time development studio however.

“This Ridge project is in itself a sort of experiment to see what sort of Ridge game Cellius can come up with; it’s a very different development atmosphere from when I was working on Ridge Racer in 2006. So if we do continue making games, I think we’ll still remain different from normal game companies.”

We just hope the game's ready in time for launch. Can you imagine a new PlayStation system launch without a Ridge Racer game?