Now You Can Play Minna No Golf 5 With PlayStation Move.

Unfortunately the update is currently limited to the Japanese version of the game, and is unlikely to make its way into the European and North American releases.

If you happen to have a Japanese import version of Minna No Golf 5, you can access the update via the infamous Online portion of the game's menu. Expect to spend a good evening downloading, as there are several gigabytes worth of patches already available for the game.

The new features are not without limitations. The PlayStation Move controller can only be used when playing the game offline, and 3D support can only be switched on when you're playing with the DualShock controller.

With many people missing out on Everybody's Golf: World Tour first time around, we're baffled as to why Sony hasn't got a worldwide re-release of the cutesy golf title planned. The investment probably would have been minimal, and with trophies and PlayStation Move support, we reckon the game would have done rather well at retail.