Great Little War Game's Confirmed For PlayStation Vita.

Now we've got confirmation from a NeoGAF member that it's building similarly strong relationships with indie developers for the PlayStation Vita.

Rubicon — the developers of the iOS smash-hit Great Little War Game — told members of the forum that the studio had a Vita version of its smart-phone title prepared already. "Just waiting for the unit to go on sale," the post said.

The poster was complimentary about Sony's commitment to bite-sized content on the platform too: "Best of all, Sony are seriously pushing indies forward, so it's AppStore should start filling up in the same way the iOS one has."

Pressed on how the studio got development kits for Vita, Rubicon relayed exactly what's making Sony such a delight to work with: "We showed them our game, they liked it loads and thought it a good fit for their machine, so they sent us four kits. Gratis. Just like that."

"I know, never happened to me before either, but this has got to be good news for both devs and gamers. Unlike Nintendo, Sony now 'get it'."

The bite-sized indie-games market is going to be of enormous importance to the PlayStation Vita. At the very least it sounds like Sony's really trying hard to make this market a success on its new platform.