Innovative Move shooter Dust 514 takes place in the world of EVE Online, and although the game is free to play you'll still have to pay to download it.

Developer CCP confirmed you'll have to pay a "cover charge" to get in, which will be refunded to you as in-game credits.

In the beginning you have to pre-buy credits, so you pay something like $10-$20 to enter the game and you get the equivalent number of credits in the game once you do that. You're really getting the game for free but you have to pre-buy credits in the beginning. We might go fully free-to-play down the line, but in the beginning we have a cover charge just to manage the initial launch of it.

Considering the size of EVE's economy it's no surprise CCP is making the smart move here and charging for entry. Has this altered your intent to pick up Dust 514?