Darksiders Developers Vigil Games Are Stuck In A Time-Warp.

It must be 2006, right?

"It's a pain in the a** to work on," Darksiders 2 developer, Marvin Donald told Eurogamer, "Five years later, getting used to it? That means it's a pain in the a**.

"I'm not an engineer, but I hear about it all the time. We have to do wacky stuff with the way we manage memory."

Seeing as we're not games developers ourselves, we're not going to immediately shoot down Donald's point. The Darksiders 2 honcho is not saying anything we haven't heard before after all. And to his credit, he was at least more specific in his analysis.

"Even as an artist, it's like, OK, my textures are too big, I'm in trouble because I checked in something that's making the 360 crash because it's a 20x48 when it really should just be a 10x24, or even smaller.

"But on the PlayStation 3, the assets go into different categories, and if one of those categories becomes too bloated it'll crash the system. It's a little bit more sensitive on the PS3 in that regard. There are some things you just can't do, or you have to do differently. Yeah, it's a pain."

Do you know what else is painful though, Marvin? Darksiders' art aesthetic. Awful, awful, awful looking game. Zing.

More objectively though it seems Sony has learned its lesson about complicated development environments. Most studios with PlayStation Vita development kits are raving about the system's accessible. Which is good news for Vigil Games. Though they won't know about the PlayStation Vita just yet — after all, they're still stuck in 2006. It hasn't been announced yet.