Crystal Dynamics Ain't Just Working On Tomb Raider Y'know.

Speaking on the studio's podcast, gaffer Darrell Gallagher discussed the new IP for the first time, explaining that the new title is still in its "early stages".

“We’re starting to look at doing a new IP here, and we’re in the very early stages of that,” he said.

“But our ambitions are to take all the learnings and the technology and everything that we’ve done with Tomb Raider over the last six years and apply that to something new moving forward.

“And very much as Noah [Hughes, Creative Director] was saying, we’ve really learned to become experts and can still polish our skills in action/adventure, and story-telling and character-driven, and rich worlds for players to experience, and we really think that’s kind of our thing; that’s what we love to do here.

“So we’ll see where that new project goes. It’s nothing that we can talk about today, but we really want to take what we’ve learnt and expand on it.”