Catherine's Officially Making Her Way To Europe.

The game will be formally localised in French, Italian, Spanish and German.

“Catherine is something new, fresh and exciting; unlike anything else in the gaming world – a unique mixture of genres. This agreement proves once again that games published under the Deep Silver label are not ‘more of the same’, ‘run of the mill’ productions,” said Deep Silver CEO, Klemens Kundratitz.

Atlus CEO Shinichi Suzuki chipped in too: “Atlus is very pleased to collaborate with an experienced, passionate publisher like Deep Silver for the release of Catherine in Europe.

“Like us, they are dedicated to releasing interesting, unique entertainment content for their fans. They share our belief that Catherine’s unprecedented exploration of the psychology and horrors of commitment and relationships, its breathtaking visual design, and its frantic action-adventure/puzzle gameplay make for a thought-provoking, entertaining experience that cannot be missed.”

No release dates have been announced for Catherine in Europe yet, so if you want to play the game sooner rather than later, we recommend an import from North America. Still, it's great to see this game get the international release it deserves. We suspect it will end up doing quite big numbers worldwide. Proof that original ideas can catch on.