Next Time, Activision Should Probably Just Buy Its Domains In Advance.

com</a>? The popular URL was snapped up by a Battlefield fan, and comically redirected to the official Battlefield website. Naturally Activision's not too happy about this.

The publisher has filed a $2600 complaint against the domain to the Nation Arbitration Forum, demanding that the name be transferred to them. To add to the drama, no longer redirects to the Battlefield website, instead settling for some light-hearted commentary from Monty Python.

The owner of the domain is still unknown as it was registered through a proxy service which hides the name of the buyer.

"It appears that the Respondent supports the game Battlefield from the game developer Electronic Arts ("EA")," Activision stated in its complaint.

"EA is one of Complainant's principal competitors in the video game industry, and [the] Battlefield game competes in the marketplace with Complainant's Modern Warfare games and its other military-themed shooter games in the Call of Duty series."