Activision's Bobby Kotick Reckons The PlayStation Vita Looks Neat, But...

Because we're all supposed to be playing Angry Birds these days, remember. That's right, Kotick brought up the old "bu-bu-but smart-phones" as a cautionary statement about Vita, despite the exec thinking the gizmo is actually rather neat.

"Technically, we're super excited about what we can do on it, it's really something incredible. The question is, where is the market?" Kotick told The Guardian. Activision has, of course, already pledged support for the PlayStation Vita, with a Call Of Duty title supposedly in development for the system.

Despite concerns about the smart-phone market, Kotick did profess: "It's a really nice product and its very well differentiated from what you can get in even the most capable smart-phone or tablet today." Which is true.

As regular readers will be well aware by now, we're downright bored to tears with the smart-phone comparisons. This may come as a shock to some pundits, but: we like handheld games, and we like them to be a bit deeper than throwing paper balls in a bin.